I've Got Your Back

Virginia W. Greenway, Attorney at Law

The Law Office of Virginia W. Greenway

What Sets Me Apart

Helping people is at the heart of what I do.
I graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law knowing that I wanted to work in the criminal arena.  Criminal defense is both interesting and challenging, but the primary reason I go to work every day is my desire to help people.  It is an honor and a solemn duty to assist people as they navigate some of the most challenging times they will ever face.  I know, day in and day out, that I may be all that stands between them and the mighty power of the State.  For this reason, I take my position as someone able to help people in the criminal justice system very seriously.  In many respects I have my clients lives and futures in my hands and I never forget that.
Being results-oriented and a constant learner are keys to my success. 
I am very results-oriented and undeterred by difficult facts or overzealous prosecutors.    It is not enough to take the first offer, or many times, the second, third, or fourth offer from the State if I think I can do better for my client.  I put my full effort into each and every case and will not rest until the most just result is obtained.  In the rare instances that an excellent result cannot be negotiated, I am not afraid to go to trial and the State knows it.  They also know how hard I work.  For this reason, my clients rarely have to go to trial to get a great outcome.  Nevertheless, I strive for excellence in trial as well and am a sustaining member of the College of the State Bar of Texas and a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.  I am always seeking to educate myself on the latest science, legislation, and legal precedents to ensure my skills remain refined and up to date.
A boutique practice model means my clients get unparalleled personal attention.
I maintain tight control on my case volume so that each client gets the attention he or she deserves.   I have never advertised and thus have avoided the pitfalls of a high-volume law office.  Instead, my focus from the inception of my practice has been to let my work speak for itself.  Two decades later I am still sustained merely by word of mouth from satisfied clients and other lawyers.  My clients appreciate my responsiveness and candor.  The degree of personal attention I provide is without equal in Austin.  I answer my own phone and I return calls and e-mails promptly.  I do not shift matters to less experienced lawyers, and I do not rely on non-attorney staff to do the work.  This degree of responsiveness and direct care would not be possible if I focused on volume instead of the specific needs of each client.  I am truly a one-woman operation and I handle every aspect of every client’s case from start to finish.

Compassion and respect are hallmarks of my approach.
I treat my clients with the compassion and respect they deserve.  I understand that while their case may be one of many for me, it may be all-consuming for them.  I am not dismissive of their concerns and I follow the edict to treat others as I would want to be treated.  The environment of mutual respect that develops assists both lawyer and client as we navigate the often-murky waters of the legal system together.  I never forget that we are called attorneys and counselors at law for a reason.  My clients are treated like people, not criminals.  In addition to all the work we do in court to defend a case, we must also work with the client to understand their unique circumstances and help them get the assistance they need if necessary.  We must be good listeners and attuned to people’s emotional cues.  Simply put, while these issues do not come up in every case, I am prepared and willing to assist clients for whom intervention is needed while I work to defend them against the criminal charges.
Setting clients on a better path toward a brighter future is my goal. 
I take a holistic approach to criminal defense.  If a lawyer turns a blind eye to an underlying issue that may be leading to criminal conduct, the chances for re-arrest, continued decline in functioning, and in some instances death down the line are much higher.  My clients are not statistics to me, they’re people, and I treat them as such.
I want my clients to get on a path toward a healthier, happier life.  If drug or alcohol abuse is an issue, I will try to point my clients toward the help they need.  If diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues become apparent, I will work with the client to find resources to address those concerns.  If anger management issues or unaddressed childhood trauma are present, those matters will be tackled head on in defense of their criminal case.  This approach to criminal defense changes lives in very real ways.  There is no reason for a person to be defined and limited by a personal low point such as an arrest.  I work hard to make sure such events do not have permanent consequences for my clients.
I truly hope you, your friends, and family members never need the services of a criminal defense attorney.  If you do, however, rest assured that you will be in competent, compassionate, honest, and dedicated hands if you hire me.